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Install Openvpn

📅 8th January 2022 🧔 Tuhin Kanti Pal

Install Openvpn

In this Blog I'm gonna show you how can you install OpenVpn on Your server. This is much better than paid vpn services.

Install OpenVpn

sudo -i
wget -O
chmod 777
  • ip address will be your public ip of server
  • udp is recommended
  • port will be '1194', make sure you allow it in your firewall
  • dns resolver google (2) is recommended

Serve the .ovpn over http and download it to connect with OpenVpn app

apt install apache2
cp [name].ovpn /var/www/html/[name].ovpn
  • It will be available at http://[ip]/[name].ovpn

Don't forget to delete it after use

rm /var/www/html/[name].ovpn


Download OpenVpn connect and go invisible.