Tuhin Photo

Hello, I'm Tuhin Kanti Pal. I create products for the web. Currently working as Technical Lead at Visadb.io and Devi AI.

I am a full-stack engineer from India with a focus on web technology. Currently, I am working as a Tech Lead at visadb.io and Devi AI. In this role, I am responsible for driving our organizations to new heights and ensuring the successful implementation of innovative solutions.

My expertise lies in frontend development, where I specialize in using Next.js, React, Tailwind CSS, MaterialUI, and Ant-Design. I am also proficient in other frontend frameworks like Vue, Astro, Svelte, Remix, and Gatsby. I am passionate about delivering exceptional user experiences and prioritizing usability by reducing clicks.

On the backend, I have extensive experience with Node.js and MongoDB, and I am also proficient in using Postgres, SQLite, and MySQL. I prefer leveraging edge technologies wherever possible, such as Cloudflare Worker and Deno.

In addition to my core skill set, I am continuously expanding my knowledge by exploring other technologies like machine learning and game development. I have begun studying Unreal Engine for game development and have a strong command of programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and I am also a learner in C.

Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to work on challenging projects and collaborate with talented individuals. My passion for innovation and dedication to delivering high-quality results drive me to excel in my role as a Tech Lead.